Tell me ? like who doesn’t like to make projects …like there was this guy near my house, very interested in building a autonomous car , ? but man how can i build one ? …. leave that take my example itself i wanted to build a autonomous drone which could hack wifi passwords for me … the question was HOW ??

Considering that we all are noobs here expect me (thug life ) , i would like to start with some magical words like

” Micro-controllers ” and ” Processor based computers” ? meh ( grab a soda and sit back …and read )

people be like – ? MAN i want to build a robot … i ain’t want no microcontroller and shit.

Hold on dude … let me come to you , so likewise we human have a thing called brain (everyone has ) … Ever wondered what it does ? well astonishingly it controls everything ( nothing astonishing here -_-) similarly every hardware project ( autonomous or not ) needs something or someone which can control it, so this is done by our friendly micro-controller.

You can even use a micro – processor based computer as a brain for your hardware projects…

But wait … WHICH ONE TO USE ? HUH ? , is there any difference between them ?

first let us know them individually


Ok, everyone has seen a CPU and know its components ? right ? so it has this RAM , ROM , a Processor , ports , graphics card … etc , now imagine that all these components have shrunk in size and then you pack it into a black box

it would look something like this

so i guess by now you have understood that this is a micro-controller ?

so , we can say that a micro-controller is a small version of computer

the question is ? this too has a processor …! then what is the difference between micro-processor and micro-controller ? doesn’t make sense ? keep clam – i am here

Micro-controller and micro processor has a processor but the type of processor differs , due to the size of micro-controller the processor in it is not as powerful as a micro processors speed and doesn’t have parallel processing architecture.

Let me give you a example

consider you want to make a image recognition robot ? will you use a micro-controller ?

Answer is – NO, because a micro-controller has very less ram , very less processing power ! And cannot process many things at same time to simply say it can do that much of heavy processing !

meh ~ what is the use of micro-controller ? i will use a micro-processor in all my projects ?

Micro-controller is very useful ! because it is faster, cheaper and smaller than a micro-processor , but only till it is not out of its limitation, it is fast because it is based on line by line interpretation of command’s.

Which one to choose ?

Micro-controller is generally used in projects where you don’t require huge processing power , to cut it short a micro-controller can do a single task very ! accurately , like a simple automatic light which is based on a single principle ( if there is no sunlight Switch On – if there is sunlight Switch off ). Best part about a micro-controller is it uses very less power, very fast and very compact for simple projects.

microprocessor is generally used in projects where you require huge processing power , example – Machine-learning based robot, image processing based projects …but micro-processor based projects are generally big, use lot of power , and easily fail but on the other hand it is very useful when it comes to parallel processing based project’s.

If you still don’t get it , in simple terms

Consider that a Micro-controller is like a human who is only good at maths and fails in other subject’s …get’s 100/100 in maths.

And a micro-processor based computer is like a human who gets average in all subjects…passes in all exams’s.

So this is it, i know i haven’t explained it well …so i ll be re-generalizing the topics again also it’s filled with grammatical mistake’s, which i am very sorry for.

In the next post i will be talking about raspberry pi’s, NodeMCU,¬†Arduino’s … etc

So till then Kudos! – and yeah don’t forget to join the forum’s!

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