Welcome Beginner , so i know you want to become a coding ninja ( if not , sorry i ain’t Astrologist ) ! So likewise i know you got suggestions  from people like go study c , c++ , go nigga go … learn python …bla bla bla

The 90 % people …

Especially if you are a teen, you be like …

1) You go on youtube and search ” how to learn programming ” …start with interest then the guy on youtube says ! install the damm compiler ! again the second wave comes ! … you be like ” F*k man i don’t have much MB left …then comes the ” if i had fast unlimited internet ! then i would become a ninja coder ”

then you think ” Ok no problem dude i ll just understand the concept ” and continue…

A few moments … Later

OMG this is a bit complicated you feel bored … and to help you with the bonus a notification comes ” anonguy has commented on your Post ”  bas ho gaya sathyanas ( it means everything is ruined at this point) and you will never learn anything. You fall in those 90 % of the people who know only concepts, never make a software project in their entire life , bashing people on facebook groups. ( -_- even good programmers do trolling but they make projects too ! big difference 😛  yeah yeah i know i am boasting myself ) .

This post is written after lot of research by me which will help you learn all the silicon vally skills !


Start with any programming language you like ! , but i strongly recommend python

Learning Process

I mostly prefer pdf files or hard copies of the programming books because that covers more information in less time than the video lectures but if you are interested in video lectures i wont stop you.

1 ) If you are watching video lectures don’t watch it on your phone ! save it offline and watch it on your desktop.

2) write the programs parallel to the video lecture or any book you are referring   

3) Understand the code and basic structural syntax

 4) Don’t get bored ! if you don’t love programming practice  and your creations later will make you love programming

 5) Don’t make incomplete projects

6) Master one programming language ! don’t run for all

OK so this is enough the rest you will learn with your experience

After Mastering one programming language…

After you have done mastering a programming language go for scripting languages like javascript

 After you master two languages STOP !

Now don’t concentrate on learning … start thinking about ideas  ! ok i know your problem !

Two simple tips

1) Don’t have idea ? Copy a idea from internet and try to make the same one again and try to implement something new

2) If you have a idea then research about it !

3) Make a mind map of the program

while researching about an idea you will understand the all the programming languages are similar only thing is you need to learn about library’s and its functions

Extra tip : Concentrate more on classes and oop structure



Join Github ! !

Github is website or more off a community for opensource believers , after you made some mini projects time to upload it on github ( upload it only if you want to put it out as a freeware non-commercial product this totally depends on you !) if your project is way good then it can grow on github  as on git hub people can review your code and implement new code.

Github will surely help you to learn alot and also it is great for your CV when you apply for a job in programming feild

Click here to sign up



if you have any doubts then you can always mail me , or else you can join our fourm !

Kudos ! ,



3 thoughts to “The beginner

  • Prashant

    can i make projects in Android device. because I have no PC.
    I want to make projects in PhP ya python any suggestions

    • admin

      Hey Prashant,
      I don’t recommend you to use a android device for any kind of software development, but if you don’t have a choice then you can use Qpython for python projects.
      I recommend you to buy mini computer called raspberry pi model 3 B, its available on amazon for 2800 INR(Rs) and you can setup it as your computer , and you can use your android device as monitor !
      Good Luck !

  • Lino

    Nice article Bro.. this is basically refferring to me..


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